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Auto Dealer Guide

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Car Dealers - Learn How To Haggle Like A Pro


As a matter of fact, it's healthy for customers and to the car dealers to negotiate first prior to financing a vehicle. Rather than the negotiated value of the automobile, there are several dealerships that try to charge for MSRP or the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Some of the dealers may mislead their customers in believing with the factory-to-consumer rebate is part of the discount and that they've deducted it from the car's MSRP.


To make sure that you are getting only the best deal for your money, be sure that you keep these tips in mind.


Tip number 1. Do your homework - despite the fact that the prices might slightly vary from different kia lease deals nj, it's quite easy to have a good ballpark figure using the internet. You can find the invoice of the car dealer so long as you know the car you're interested in. Then, you can add around 3 to 5 percent to that figure to be able to arrive with a reasonable offer.


Tip number 2. Set a budget - spending more than what you can afford is the cardinal sin when buying kia dealers in nj. And as such, you always have to walk to the dealership with a preferred budget that you can't exceed even by small amount. In addition to that, it is important as well that you have disclose this amount to the dealership's sales agent. You can let him/her know how much you are willing to spend but, you should not share them the exact figure because this will give them a big advantage in setting the direction of your negotiation.


Tip number 3. Shop late - waiting until the end of the year can help you to make big savings as of the reason that most shoppers want to get hold of the newest car model. For sure, you may lose full year worth of deprecation but here is what you have to keep in mind, it will be a lot easier for you to negotiate with a better price as it forces the car dealers to make new room for the latest models. To learn more about car dealers, visit


Tip number 4. Don't buy alone - even if you are gifted in negotiation, there are still chances that the person who haggles for a living is still way better than you do. In regards to this matter, bringing a partner or friends with you can help make in making the atmosphere lighter and turn the negotiations more comfortable. If you ever feel overwhelmed or confused, you can just turn to them and ask what they think.